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Our client-focused team applies a breadth of knowledge and technical experience in engineering, quality assurance, and best-in-class procedures to meet the exacting standards of a diversified customer base.

In-House Capabilities

DP Cast’s complete range of design and manufacturing capabilities promotes the enhanced “productibility” of your finished part.

Aerospace Quality

Our precision parts – and the processes behind them – are built to meet aerospace industry specifications and standards.

Quality Assurance

DP Cast is qualified as a Laboratory Control at Source and Non-Destructive Testing at Source provider.

Product Assistance

We don’t just execute your design – we influence it through applied engineering, prototyping, tooling, thorough review, testing and design innovation.


No matter your requirement, at DP Cast, we have the ability to design, maintain, repair and modify your molds as required.

Non-Destructive Testing

DP Cast provides Level III, CGSB, ASNTSNT-TC-1A and NAS410-certified personnel, equipment and facilities, to all of our customers, regardless of sector.

Melt & Pour

All of our castings are produced onsite from molds made at our facilities in Brampton, Canada and poured from our 5 melt furnaces.


At DP Cast, we pour a wide range of alloys, including plain carbon and low-alloy steels, stainless steels, and non-ferrous alloys, such as aluminum, bronze and cobalt.

Zero failure tolerance
is our constant.

Get a better view into our in-house, aircraft quality, custom offering and process.

Through DP Cast’s innovative Functional Counter Gravity™ proprietary fill control technology, we are able to achieve excellent mechanical properties in ferrous and nonferrous alloys – well beyond specification minimums. This can provide our customers more design freedom without resorting to more costly super alloy technologies.

Doug Arstad|

Engineering Manager, DP Cast