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DP Cast’s complete range of design and manufacturing capabilities promotes the enhanced “productibility” of your finished part.

Zero failure tolerance is our constant.

Get a better view into our in-house, aircraft quality, custom offering and process.

3D Printing

We're pleased to announce that we have take delivery of a Makerbot Replicator Z18 3D Printer. Our 3D printer allows us to 3D print 12`` x 12`` x 18``. Using filament, this 3D printer will be helpful to our clients, including:

Rapid Prototyping

Customer Quoting

Engineering Setups and Gating

Non-Ferrous Alloys including Aluminum, Bronze and Cobalt

Customer Demonstrations with Quick Tangible Products

Aerospace Quality

Our precision parts – and the processes behind them – are built to meet aerospace industry specifications and standards. At DP Cast, process control is paramount, resulting in more value-added products and services for our customers.

AS-9100 Certified

Oil Field

Boiler Code (ASME)

Aircraft Certified

Excellent Mechanical Properties

Working closely with leading clients in aerospace — an industry requiring high-integrity components — we’ve systematically applied our proprietary fill-control system, known as Functional Counter GravityTM, to help eliminate the sources of mechanical property variations that can lead to major fatigue in safety–critical parts. As a result, we now offer complex, precision components with enhanced physical properties to suit your specifications. Click here to learn more.


In September of 2017, our facility in Brampton, Ontario was awarded independent ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100D Certification by the prestigious Bureau Veritas. A management system certified by Bureau Veritas certification is recognized worldwide as a symbol of excellence. While our precision parts – and the processes behind them – have always been built to meet stringent aerospace industry specifications, this milestone places DP Cast among an elite group of companies that adhere to established international quality standards, as a sign of our Company’s commitment to quality. The distinction of this awarded certification underscores DP Cast’s ongoing focus on professional business practices, consistent results, process controls and continuous improvement throughout all stages of parts development, design assistance, production and delivery – meeting industry demand and exceeding ever-growing client expectations for the highest level of quality.

ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D Certification

Mold Making

Our in-house mold-making facilities result in a quality mold, delivered in a timely manner under DP Cast’s direct control CNC machining centre, combined with Solidworks and Surfcam 3D software allows us to accept your computer file electronically for manufacture. No matter your requirement, at DP Cast, we have the ability to design, maintain, repair and modify your molds as required.

File formats: igs, dwg, sldprt, scprt, stp, prt

Collaboration using eDrawings

Design Assistance

At DP Cast, we don’t just execute your design – we influence it through applied engineering, prototyping, tooling, thorough review, testing and design innovation. Our involvement during the concept stage allows us to identify ways to reduce time and post processing costs, such as machining, fabrications and weldings, resulting in a higher-quality part.

Design Optimization

Investment casting allows for fabrications involving the joining of two or more parts to be cast as one piece, saving clients both time and money. Moreover, the elimination of expensive turning, milling, welding, drilling, etc. can, in certain cases, eliminate the need for all finishing.

Non-Destructive Testing

An audited supplier to the aerospace industry, DP Cast provides comprehensive, non-destructive testing (and non-destructive testing at source), with Level III, CGSB, ASNTSNT-TC-1A and NAS410-certified personnel, equipment and facilities, to all of our customers, regardless of sector in the following methods:


Liquid Penetrant Inspection

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Melt & Pour

All of our castings are produced onsite from molds made at our facilities in Brampton, Canada and poured from our 5 melt furnaces:

500-lb. Thermtronix aluminum melter with rotary degasser and reduced atmosphere testing

Two, 200-lb. Inductotherm induction melters

750-lb. Inductotherm induction melter

1,250-lb. Inductotherm induction melter

200-lb. to 750-lb. direct pour

Quality Assurance

DP Cast’s quality assurance personnel are delegated and approved by Aerospace OEM’s to act on their behalf as quality representatives. Our facility features a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program, as well as a Measuring and Test Equipment Control Program, and 3D surface profile measurement and dimensional inspection capabilities through Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) Metrology to verify part dimensions. We can supply testing and laboratory services, including chemical analysis (spectrographic and metallurgical) and mechanical testing for tensile and hardness, traceable to American NIST standards to verify as cast and heat treated conditions of castings. DP Cast is Qualified as a Laboratory Control at Source and Non-Destructive Testing at Source provider for select clients.


ISO 9001: 2015



At DP Cast we pour a wide range of alloys:
AlloyUNSSpecificationConditionUltimate Tensile Strength Min KSIYield Strength Min KSIElongation %Remarks
1020ASTM-A-732 1A/ASTM A216 WCANormalize & TemperLow Alloy Steels
1025ASTMA 216 WCBNormalize & TemperLow Alloy Steels
1030ASTM-A-732Quench & Temper754825Harder carbon steelLow Alloy Steels
1040ASTM-A-732Quench & TemperLow Alloy Steels
1045ASTM A487 DNQuench & TemperLow Alloy Steels
1050ASTM-A-732 4A/4QQuench & TemperLow Alloy Steels
4130ASTM-A-732 7Q/AMS 5336Quench & Temper1801455Strong, hard, wear and fatigue- resistantLow Alloy Steels
4140ASTM-A-732, A958Quench & TemperLow Alloy Steels
4340ASTM-A-732 10Q/AMS 5330Quench & TemperLow Alloy Steels
4615ASTM-A-732Quench & Temper1901704Hard and strongLow Alloy Steels
6150ASTM-A-732 12QQuench & Temper105  8510 Good blend of properties Low Alloy Steels
8620ASTM-A-732 13Q/AMS-S22141Quench & TemperLow Alloy Steels
8630ASTM A732 14Q/AMS5334Quench & TemperLow Alloy Steels
8640AMS-S-22141Quench & TemperLow Alloy Steels
9310Case Hardening SteelLow Alloy Steels
52100ASTM A732 15ANormalize & QuenchBearing SteelLow Alloy Steels
A2CA-2ASTM A-597Annealed/Quench & TemperTool Steels
D2CD-2ASTM A-597Annealed/Quench & TemperTool Steels
O1CO-1ASTM A-597Annealed/Quench & TemperTool Steels
C5CS-5ASTM A-597Annealed/Quench & TemperTool Steels
H13CH13ASTM A597Anneal/Quench & TemperTool Steels
303CF16ASTM A351, A743, A744, AMS 5370/1As cast/Solution annealed for improved corrosion resistance703035Stainless (Austenitic) Steels
304CF8ASTM A351, A743, A744As cast/Solution annealed for improved corrosion resistance703035Stainless (Austenitic) Steels
304LCF3ASTM A351, A743As cast/Solution annealed for improved corrosion resistanceLow CarbonStainless (Austenitic) Steels
309GH20ASTM A351, A743As cast/Solution annealed for improved corrosion resistanceStainless (Austenitic) Steels
310CK20ASTM A351, A743, A744, AMS 5365/66As cast/Solution annealed for improved corrosion resistance703030Molybdenum ModifiedStainless (Austenitic) Steels
316CF8MASTM A351, A743, A744/MIL-S-81591As cast/Solution annealed for improved corrosion resistance703030Stainless (Austenitic) Steels
316LCF3MASTM A351, A743, A744As cast/Solution annealed for improved corrosion resistanceLow CarbonStainless (Austenitic) Steels
317CG8MASTM A351, A743, A744As cast/Solution annealed for improved corrosion resistanceStainless (Austenitic) Steels
321MIL-S-81591As Cast/Solution annealed for improved corrosion resistance703030Stainless (Austenitic) Steels
347CF8CASTM A351 743/AMS 5362/5364Solution AnnealedNiobium ModifiedStainless (Austenitic) Steels
Alloy 20CN7MASTM A351, A743, A744As Cast/Solution annealed for improved corrosion resistanceStainless (Austenitic) Steels
410ASTM A743 A217/AMS 5350Harden & Temper95758Chromium (Martensitic) Steels
416AMS 4349Harden & Temper95658Chromium (Martensitic) Steels
420CA40ASTM A743Harden & TemperChromium (Martensitic) Steels
436 (Greek Ascoloy)AMS 5352, MIL-S-81591Homogenize/Austenatize & Temper14511510Chromium (Martensitic) Steels
440CASTM A-743/AMS 5352Annealed/Harden & TemperChromium (Martensitic) Steels
442 CB30 ASTM A-743Annealed/Harden & Temper1751505Chromium (Martensitic) Steels
15-5PHCB7Cu-2ASTM A747/AMS 5347/56/57Solution Anneal & Precipitation Harden906518Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steels
17-4PHCB&CU-1ASTM A747/AMS 5342/43/44/55Homogenize/Solution anneal & Precipitation Harden1801606Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steels
C355AMS 4215, ASTM B-618/B26T637301Aluminum Alloys
C356AMS 4260 ASTM B616/B26T633223Aluminum Alloys
F357AMS 4289T641323Aluminum Alloys
85-5-5-5C836ASTM B584Copper Alloys
MnBronzeC863ASTM B584Copper Alloys
SiBrassC873/4ASTM B584Copper Alloys
SiBronzeC876ASTM B584Copper Alloys
Cobalt 6AMS 5387As CastHardness HRC37 min.Cobalt Alloys
Cobalt 12AMS 5382As CastCobalt Alloys
Alloy 31AMS 5382As CastCobalt Alloys
Alloy 400MONEL M30-C (N24130)ASTM A494Solution annealedNickel Alloys
Alloy 411N-12MVASTM A494Solution annealedNickel Alloys
Hastelloy BN-7M (N30007)ASTM A494Solution annealedNickel Alloys
Inconel 600CY40ASTM A494Solution annealedNickel Alloys
Inconel 625CW6MCAMS 5599/ASTM A494Solution annealedNickel Alloys
Hastelloy C modCW-2M (N26455)ASTM A494Solution annealedNickel Alloys


Our engineering development team uses the latest hardware and software tools to ensure the casting process produces acceptable metallurgical and dimensional characteristics that meet all drawing, design and specification requirements:

SolidCast Simulation software



3D Printing of Parts

Various file formats (igs, dwg, sldprt, scprt, stp, prt); e-drawings also available