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Following public health guidelines, we have put in place the following COVID-19 protocols at the DP Cast facility:

  • A distance of 2 metres (6 feet) maintained between each work station
  • Mandatory use of face masks or face shields by all employees
  • Daily employee temperature check with YU Tech. non-contact electronic thermometer
  • Entry point sanitizing, questionnaire screening and digital confirmation at 2 main entrances using Lumenix SaniPlus Sanitizer dispenser / camera system.
  • Staggered break schedule to reduce group gatherings on-site
  • Daily sterilization with EnviroNize ULV Fogger of all common areas, and work stations
  • Special cleaning crew assigned with daily sanitization of all work and common areas
  • Adequate inventory of personal protective equipment (PPE), including non-medical face masks, face shields, eye protection, hygiene and sanitization products
  • Dedicated team for COVID-19 communication, Joint Health and Safety Committee reviews as well as employee engagement, education, and empowerment.
  • Request that all employees self-monitor and undergo testing, if required, after screening using the Ontario Government COVID-19 self-assessment tool
  • Flexible work-from-home and remote access options for at-risk employees, and those with possible exposure to COVID-19
  • Use of technology and video conferencing platforms for internal and external meetings
  • Visitor / Contractor on site COVID 19 pre-entry screening, questionnaire, sanitizing and temperature check using Lumenix SaniPlus
  • COVID-19 outbreak contingency planning, with risk analysis to determine actions for suspected or confirmed cases. These include assigned assessment and testing, direct contact with Telehealth Ontario, disinfection campaigns, self-imposed shutdown periods, and re-opening strategies based on testing and medical clearance.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jan Holland, CEO and Chair at (416) 721-9448 or Stuart Faria, Plant Manager at (416) 522-0024.