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Introducing Our Proprietary, Precision, “FCG” Process


Enhanced Mechanical Properties Using Functional Counter Gravity

DP Cast specializes in providing a wide range of aerospace quality, fully traceable parts of various geometries. Through a disciplined application of our proprietary fill-control system, known as Functional Counter Gravity technology (“FCG“), we now offer complex, precision components with superior physical properties to suit your specifications.

Alloy* Ultimate Strength Yield Elongation Reduction in Area
Aluminum 356 1.33x higher 1.5x higher 3x greater n/a
Aluminum 357 1.26x higher 1.4x higher 2.7x greater n/a
Stainless Steel 410 1.56x higher 1.73x higher 2.38x greater 2.99x improvement
Stainless Steel 17-4 Condition H1150 1.19x higher 1.28x higher 1.81x greater 2.13x improvement
Stainless Steel 17-4 Condition H925 1.11x higher 1.22x higher 1.83x greater 2.15x improvement
Applications: Intricate, internal passages requiring ceramic cores, water soluble cores or collapsing passages; undercuts, and/or hidden passages