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Design, Performance and Cost Advantages

Our in-house engineering and production team supports customers at the concept stage, to promote enhanced “producibility,” which allows for greater technical efficiencies and better fabrication, production and, ultimately, end product.

  • More functional, higher-quality part
  • Greater design freedom and flexibility to develop complex parts with fine details in a wide range of alloys
  • Near net shape requires little or no expensive machining, fabrications, and weldings, resulting in lower overall material and production costs – often the most economical way to produce precision parts that enhance performance
  • Near Net Shape
    • An industrial manufacturing technique, wherein the initial production of a part is very close to the final (net) shape, reducing the need for traditional finishing, such as machining or grinding and, in many cases, saving on production costs.
  • Tight tolerance work (+/- 0.005 inch or +/- 0.005 inch per inch of dimension)
  • Ability to produce complex parts/internal passages (ceramic, water-soluable, collapsing passages, complex geometry – undercuts and hidden passages, no draft required)
  • Nimble order quantities ranging from prototype to larger production runs

We don’t just execute design – we influence it with our expertise – in order to produce the optimal, custom part.