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Quality Assurance

ISO2001 2015 BV Cert 9001 9100 2018  Aerospacecertified  Controlled Goods Program 22201

Functional Counter-Gravity™ Casting Technology

DP Cast’s quality assurance personnel are delegated and approved by Aerospace OEM’s to act on their behalf as quality representatives. Our facility features a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program, as well as a Measuring and Test Equipment Control Program, and 3D surface profile measurement and dimensional inspection capabilities through Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) Metrology to verify part dimensions. We can supply testing and laboratory services, including chemical analysis (spectrographic and metallurgical) and mechanical testing for tensile and hardness, traceable to American NIST standards to verify as cast and heat treated conditions of castings. DP Cast is Qualified as a Laboratory Control at Source and Non-Destructive Testing at Source provider for select clients.

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