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A Message from Jan Holland, Chairman and CEO

Since 1958, DP Cast has taken great pride in the quality and performance of our parts, as well as the relationships we’ve cultivated with our clients.

In my new role as Chairman and CEO, I am pleased to announce that we are committed to creating an even better overall customer experience, and to refining our strategic direction as a company. To get the ball rolling we’ve instituted a top-to-bottom review of operations designed to add greater value to our offering, including improvements that get your custom “aircraft-quality” part to you in the most timely, cost-effective manner, regardless of complexity.

Our go-forward strategy involves focusing and tailoring our services to improve efficiencies of processes, services and costs. We’re also assessing the ways in which our enhanced services, including non-destructive testing and material control at source, alloy choices, and in-house design can influence – and optimize – your product.

With an emphasis on responsiveness, customer service and the expansion of our service capabilities, we’re inspired to remain the preferred supplier for all of our customers – and intend to make our next 50 years in business, our best 50 years.

Why Smart Manufacturers Are Onshoring to North America

Onshoring not only addresses concerns about offshore quality and productivity – but also allows for domestic economic growth, employment opportunities, intellectual property and compliance assurance, innovation, and a stronger ability to respond quickly to customer demand.

  • Superior quality/quality assurance
  • Intellectual property and compliance assurance
  • Shorter lead times
  • Better communications
  • Production closer to customers
  • Zero parts failure
  • Precision castings, alloy and dimensional control
  • Increasing offshore labour costs, particularly in China