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Environmental and Social Governance (ESG)

Our Commitment
At DP Cast, we believe in corporate social responsibility and sustainable manufacturing.

Our participation in key, eco-friendly initiatives with reputable partners also delivers numerous cost benefits through more efficient use of resources, directly impacting processes, raw materials, utilities and maintenance.

It’s one of the many ways we work to deliver continuous improvement – and value – for our customers, employees, and the community at large.

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Partner Programs
DP Cast has partnered with the following, direct funding programs, which have helped facilitate increased efficiencies and productivity, while demonstrating our investment in a sustainable future.


 Canadian Manufactures & Exporters SMART Program

Grant recipient for replacement of burnout and pre-heat ovens to increase overall efficiency and productivity

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Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) – Class A Member Since 2018
Substantially reduced electrical consumption during peak periods

Save On Energy

Save on Energy – Government of Ontario
Incentive Program
Energy-efficient, natural lighting initiatives throughout facility


Enbridge Air Door Direct Install Program
Installation of air curtains to prevent air from entering or exiting heated or cooled areas, and save energy

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Blue Sky Racing
Sponsorship and engineering support for University of Toronto’s Blue Sky Solar Racing Viridian solar power vehicle global competition


Other Ways We're Making a Difference to Our Community, Customers and Industry

 Recycling & Reclamation

  • Air compressor heat recovery system
  • Wax recycling (est. 40,000 lbs. annually)
  • Ceramic shell collection and re-use (est. 220,000 lbs. annually)
  • X-ray film silver reclamation / recycling

Metal Recycling / Reconditioning

  • Internal recycling – 45,000 lbs. (commercial use)
  • Toll recycling – 90,000 lbs. (stainless steel)
  • Third-party recycling – 120,000 lbs.


  • Elimination of legacy soil contamination through in situ soil bio-remediation
  • Replacement of potentially hazardous materials with eco-friendly products in all operations (i.e., synthetic, water-based, rust-prevention lubricants)
  • Procurement of all raw materials from authorized sources (non-conflict minerals and non-child labour)
  • Implementation of a shell room lab for raw material control and optimization
  • Conversion to LED lighting throughout facility


  • 30% greater efficiency in pre-heat and burn-out ovens
  • 70% reduction in ceramic leaching time
  • Water utilization of boiler capacity for hot water supply
  • Optimized electrical consumption through compressed air leak and valve maintenance
  • Reduced gas production and emissions from Ceramic leaching soda tank (4 burners to 2)
  • Small batch “mini-melts” vs. large-scale melting reduce power demand and waste metal.


  • Adherence to all Canadian federal and provincial government environmental policies, rules, regulations, and standards
  • Compliance with all Canadian federal and provincial government labour laws, rules and regulations.